A Wjax-tv Licenses Lot To Wants Cost Florida Governor Less A Wjax-tv Licenses Lot To Wants Cost Florida Governor Less
A Wjax-tv Licenses Lot To Wants Cost Florida Governor Less Driver's A Wjax-tv Licenses Lot To Wants Cost Florida Governor Less Driver's
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A Wjax-tv Licenses Lot To Wants Cost Florida Governor Less Driver's

A Wjax-tv Licenses Lot To Wants Cost Florida Governor Less Sunday, April 06, 1924

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About Cedar Rapids Republican

  • Publication name: Cedar Rapids Republican
  • Location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  • Pages available: 28
  • Years available: 1898 - 1928
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Pages 21 - 28 of the Cedar Rapids Republican April 6, 1924.

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OCR Text

Cedar Rapids Republican (Newspaper) - April 6, 1924, Cedar Rapids, Iowa SUNDAY. APRIL 6, 1924 CEDAR RAPIDS REPUBLICAN 21 tuiimn n tm ESTATE DECISION MADE IN CASE OF CORNO MILLS TO LEARN 'CAKE OF TEETH ie Jlaplds Denial of the South BRAND NEW. 3 toon ill oioifcrn, R fcath. IM WiVio. Ettalloa. fin X, C" Splendid 5 Room Hone ttai lined at rair aixl will Mil qakkly, Ckgku aide Sptodltl' iorr.tr Hi. (krmmt la [be bfM aic.l ry Modern axd bot-l.r Uilll Li Mlf. Avi on lilt. IttOue 3657- J. Etee-fuU Block from Woods ou S. 2ai ii tkli tatae Juft lUlrd. fjtvafr bat rMtce.1 pi Lee 10 fJJOO di.e lLe fart ifcal EM- Mil with-L> the 1EX DAYS. Tkli la 1' Ell rovplcir, ot IM.if tkiglrts Bungalow t "5 wrj htl'J b'jHpalov. all iVc re- r rrueun ona mlsLt tblik of; c." iW, IN k'rriaa be for rd. ycu t-c 10 'hlfi-3 CSO for iri I-IDIC rkk- [a on rail ilie, abEe for rocuilac bouj? or rcoifts. (W- room ho'No near K Avr. auj Ub A. A. Doolittle Co. In I'hcDO il-. iho, tcjlh Is liy Iho selection of a proper t, particularly Irivit clilldrcn to 1 to the free lecture at Coc cd- e. Monday afternoon at three o'-Jr. Amy Louise Daniels profeuor riatrltEou at tho Child Welfare iearch bureau nt Iowa CHy will Ihe-spcahtr. Slio will I3tk on eel i and Health" wllh Btresi on proper Daniels Is ditod AS one of thu (ore- pi SI dltttcLani ot itio couniry. HECK; sui hern -it the tc ted States DlilrJtl Co'Jilr "dur- iln Vtldiy and batur y, [JiouRli iKMJtScgelnfr casr-s A re taken ut> most of tlio time a gciy .inj nucitlnn of citlwnshfp re sLvt-H due .'Uleiitlan. The (owrl has not rruclscd a fl Ion lu Tho t.iao of C. 11. ItLcJi and ,3 II. t eh asASnsi ihe Corr.o SHI a to Be Presented By [embers of Bohemian m Dramatic Club at C. S. P. S. Hall fiiid are hnsy -leni- Olyiaplf. today 'an j' tomorrow-, trat ng- every doy. The uiOre mud Reginald Derny In. e bclUr Uodtfi- II iKry and "The Leather Pushers." Advert [sc m c SERVICE OF U. T. C. c Jnited Commercial Trav- n era' ajsEoclaiion will hold their null Memorial day service for o meinury of nieniberg ol tho Chamber Coinmerco .Sunday alternoon at This service will J110 H najure. All urged to auen-l th Ifcc-Ir fa miller, and. all friend T art> invite 4 -to a1 Tht> Bfrvlce wilt .bo Jti the Wl aturo of ritualize aervieo wit'-t su oruphaaia r'actd upon Die re--pious bide. Tho cervtcc !w held for the etiory oT twcnty-flva nieji CTI> inqmbcrs of Cedar aur.di 161. Their deaths cattcrod over a Of the ztcen Tho progiiiiu (trtuir; cf ritual; oniftrs tf 1'rarvr. Chipllla Juo. W. V IrirlrJO; llcltii Ka-fni SlarK. H'jSj i-a U ul rll'JJl: lir llriMlK-r J-M. A. M'klltmuru fl .s'l'l'fte KatbTjru Melt, Cower elrt. Ju'. W. IKid, "Gorily tna Teailertj1" Ma'A-l SjMfnfVr Hurt an-t Ixshlj Wlnsloiv TkWr, K.. _' biart. fkarity, rilnil; Stalor Cons-slor Harry K. Tlil.rr. Swiff, -Nfirer ily lo LH-.imaiic as rwin-i ivJl jiteser.t the play, 'The eek" n Ihe C. S. P. S. r-.nll ihl The auaclaiion has given eral ilacs this stason but "Tlic nicjiilwrg say Is one of ihe it- iiiey offered In ionic lime. 1'he play Is a act cOmPiIy. ere Ed plenty of action. tlirilN. usir? ncd sunirlsinK sliuatlons, ty ilialocue .1 ml art element of Ihc audU-nce anticipation from Hit- the rtain !.i raised ur.UI it is run; Kd'Jfarioun Is the director. Mr. rsourt lias hud a great Utal of in directing local home cnt plays and Is putting a great al of elfort Into the production oli'crcd this evening. EL ei-t-tel that Ilirre will he :i yt tonighi'a Charles Viktor and Joseph Frycek Propnetors cf ihe 16th Ave, Garage hive been appointed South Side Sales Representatives Dodge Brothers Automobiles Authorized Dodge Senrice r fo ha lotiid lavalfJ tai In-o Of oiilk-f, two tiallii. tic. _ vrla-d bwic. ww: it-Jo. tj' !o Diu acid ID all loc-i- in as fld.l a.1 aH pi'xvf- Vou lird til yeu waal ott oaMlai. m Bollon Co. I'Jior.c L-M. Gtrtce, trtMUCclly Ttrai arrange yi Out w Grand View Addilioa i nldWAr between Xcu- Junior Hick ti 1 1 A.SK run KAI i; UA iT, A ivcrf. oa malu aUSfi ir. Also oiLer tuuolj- Ix-il En W Hale. U H'S si your opiie rt n ell y. iL Si. k'a'jfLu, l.n-acli- of eojitract. The 0( s resolvcil around the question -j the cJlironihip nt IL SlmonJa ho fs one o[ oittcon In tljs i. tno Mills company. Iht plain- o ta urc trying lo I1i.it Si- n onrfs lj dijicn ot -Si. Ixiuls, liul 0 c evidt-ncc to ilato Hi- tew. all camera and 'wltk pud built-in a' Hwnlac lito lasillr dining C "ilk _ iiHJTMkRt klU-Lcii with brvaV-' Tilt room 3 tevtl huarin-d twi'air fjrw. tod tiHlMlaeJ, loti of fj-iiU. IMCKOL-o Ti'trui. IlurceU 3.. WIs. U. I'rltiT. h'i aolil In St. p i inovvtl lo city. Ilo t-niert-d i ihildieu [n Iho public hcols and lias never paid tuition. o case fs lo lie continued. n I'rar-k llorak Jr., [oral druteisL as lir.cJ (210 cosls for felling rhohol for iJiirjxjses. He ESTATE FW Rent T i ffdl Iwaln! lv u oast ft Tail Co. frtllh, L4t Wll'jO. ThSi Is a hoiM K' wcmlrrful TslttO_4 Kontklf. Wil-'J." the- Dcnmleth Company. Realtors J I'Ltlb.nour AwrloiD Trcit liNj. T 1'6-iW Ciliv or Exchange lm It'll hr inline at> IT1- H2e tuanally, in r aiKOMuL wKk ILiv rwwj'ahl lath In irs ao ccarno wif! (f lon.i have -nlker ipleaiW Ir.wT.e khV-V vr for cvd.Ieva lanJ. Jli-r.; [s a ip'rndM t. jy lu a frntl Lthin OLr tulip r.t Ibo Cl1r lldlU. ILU trarl I'oit six r.ooii ai f-i> I: A if. (V.; rnk h r-d lianl J-ILC atnly -ew al wire. 1'b. i cr OHI. IF, Duffy of tliln cEtip, 3 s ami plcadoil quUly to t c tianro ot violation of lhc Xatlona roh Itc was finr 1 H 00 ami roils, lie r'ahl n tin; Jack Ttaplds. as or.ltrcd to pay (50 nnd costs hen lie ;ilcailcd suilty to Uic p :argc o( Arthur lld-onf. rilj- was finprl 300 rcl coils ivhen ]ic rjitered the of fullly to the Of ol the VolFltac! act. t Clarence I.everich. Ccrtar ids JirtcKd by the to iiay 110 and coifc-f. He o 1 e charge of akhul of, C. I1. of. fined 100 and costs iv hen he pleaded uilty in ihc. or sranrc peel. The Jaud otlicc he was ilofnff In the of tilts form of intoxk-ant the for his rect-hing s-ch C. >Vhitmorc who been slaying at Iho JJckvan liolcl was sr-nl f iK-nl to sixty In the coun-y for check He was L Bovernincnt clit-tk for J10. Wlilt-niorfi's home Es at Ctntcr IN AN TVHLMTAn J-: Lause wUn a mi( o rau want a-1 (illl r.n.l At Czech Reformed Rrgulai will be ;it e Czech rcfonnt-d church. Second reel and gixiccrUh ivcnuf-. today, ev. Trank la the nJuy whoul services will tcsln 3 o'clock. This will be rollovved the regular niornins- serviro at -o'clock. The will before lOlateL" The Christian niretinK ill I'P held at ihis Lt3 Ktta Loyka Is Uailcr. The ove-ng service V.-13L begin at T ie liasy Terms atiil ILc lltc.rfill ju.1 wrtl totaled Vest KOt caLk an.l ?K> will tir.ilk jlrlc-tlj Jfcnjpi In iwij cinifc is nil (fcat Is. required pijtiiKiL on tlririly auiJcrn y Call r.l 1W.S .Sa. l. l an! 1 IL ia. c iiouuKX, Ealavr Immf. 010 K Jionr.uN'.YnooifsTiiOT waicr LMt. "JO; UL IV. -Or.c bjtf uf tiii! h In ill T.J clow an ritilo re tan ibis Irj.L t. E-'JoJinion Company. Reallon 115 American Trust lildR. 1'toac J.fJCAllONS Ftorc just OKtil-lc llffht tfif. 7or Rentals Sec 'yirst areaVf. win l.ltlal pay-Sovth ITili Mil. How M ted Haiccxirt Land Cornp-iny Opea Kwnlati i'hotw ExcKinje A proj 1 MIS.' en Aic. ilrsw. C nwa-.j, all' r.lrtiy 15 r.Ufct-d fSKA asnl rrlrlpt-Mirr.' aturlifrl an-I yanilff. SJTSs... rr.ll W. (VBiem ilrivt-wav. irido for !n. A. A. Dooliule Klre---Xo dnniago iras bv a fire at t tie. week service wjtl be held edr.oiday i Our Watchword-Service i Sen-ice riaa everbtsn our The brond, service a live." progressive "tnstl-tution. But bact of Ihit is. a. guidi-ig principle which been wkh us iince begnn-- f rtfodliiXf 5 Eon. -Xo matter we may grow in our effort to gU-e our customers the superlative in bin kins servier. old siMiif rrill prevail hero Iowa State Savings j Bank Capital ftnd Surjilu.i Members ol the Federal Reserve "The Bank of Friendly Scrwee" Corner I2th Ave. and Soulh Third St.. K. Rent Iki'Jllful mo-lrra OJslK. Dohon ilrs. il. [ioob. in; Ttrcltlli avtnite at y. m. Friday. Oi-ji Mnincs Georse liglcy, clain; auditor fur ihe Crent lead nrlcrs at Ues Molnw, (s a jusincsi vlritur In clly for a tew C.B. J. LoJgetHoU Big Membership five lodges of the C. H. J.. n Cedar Itapids nrc er.torins upon me m ilp diive which il is TJO-eved will swell ihe membership olii by many scores. Joseph ational 7.. C. P. J.. organizer 'MI in 13 city an J remain here tnru Three insurance pol CJTS ave Ijjcn addfi-J lo the Z. C. B.VJ.. ne. They embody many features r.at are neir anil which are prov-ntf popular. op Veiky lo J BC wil L meel Tuesday. Karel IV lodje will rnrcl TKnrjMlay. On April 13. there will be R meeting- of Zizkuv Dub and on I 16, the Cedar ICipids odec Trill hold session, illadoc-ecli lodge will meet April Block Factory Co m] >lete for rent. lo commence work.' Power mixer. PJi. 1466. STINK. REALTY CO. rnn TIIK IT.OPLE wr everr-" wttVwJ ACTIVITY ON THE SOUTH OFFICERS For Exchange A tro-rl fJtai wil fmi.ccre.1 ID Ma fur n 1'Mliifji la Ibis rilj.-. A in (h-i rily to CJciacse for a ia this city. A cMxl Ir. lbli city for a fcotse in .Ihis tHr.' If -o-j ill t whJt JLU vine for It. Aiiguiiine StflEr nnoMS. .A VKHY willi iLilJs rfcrj'tlt' 1 rt-ni ai sri-'mlely. Infi'-J re LlcUJItsir, Uurnvr 2M Ave- and a Koaih. yen Ifel IhU ri-nai 'hfiKK-. lul fun: Hat car JilH on -Wfcy at JnMrey cl lieilloril. "Iwc can 1 (.1 t-aillr': FOU ONLY reajonalik' fcw-ic. oat Hard fftll .Wik kit with VIHI II li1 but MTr wlml 1UC i' r STARK REALTY' CO. 315 SKBtlly 11KAT! I'AKT OF Large ai.i) In J'Lr.ce Looking Forward to a Period of m Many Lines Business men of Ihe south side arti very much convhu-d! tliat Ihtj are pnierins uimn.a of ex ranslon is greater than any ihlng- soulli fulo'haa cxnerfenc ed recent ye.irs. There ar rumors of buildin; opcr atioris (o begin shortly'. The of (Icvctopnicnt lo have iiLiiiiiA' jhara rent. I-'all rr ciRixIk.l quit fariflloiT.- i'Jul E. LMhUvt. Klepach it President For Coming Year Outline Proposed SMALT, t'.inn is l.lun county. For rewl or njje. net Iltb Arc. W. I'll. MFFTTYO TIio members gftfce Sokol soclciy will bohi a meeting in the'So'rio! jail ator.daj- cvpnirr. The K or Iir.portance and all members of the organization are Sale ortxcharrgt At jirU-rj i.n Uiv ihit la'tb rfn-III will par 5Ti IB wrest eu 21-1 icllcs lawn. well IJUP roved. Will ctcvMer llo'J'f. Frlte Craler I'-lr-t. dfeoraleil. In [irltalt1 t.ouii', il-Jt Are. K, I'kor.e 3XW J. ofticrrs of the South ,P fie Commercial club we.-e at the meeiinff helil List Thursday eve-nine. The otliccra for ihe corning year .ire jiresiiieni, Frank Klcpit: vice president. U Blahnlk; tre.isyrcr, Broulik; U (he ncn" truE-tcc is Dr. R. (Sr.iham. The r.ew ollkcrs norc tnrtallrd Altornev S. V." Shonka. iTIE AVU LAlIliK for rrjii. Is: Year Dance By Phaha Rebekah Lodge Tralia. Hcb-cra lodge members will yive a leap year n O. O. F. DEGREE STAFF The tlcsree start ol Jan llus J. O. O. I-'.. will xt the C. P. 1'. S'.. at Monilay x See tkrk- Vint mi" tral lurra farm LVdar scrri rt hlurL; rhw.e VTJT-W. ale.kKUi-. I'hoct have Urci: I'atk Ate la larj; bswiwrt. parace with frta Uwwr tow [n ta J. WK-f. 'ici-2 BC Str. life. rt. a> THnEK IIEDRrtOMS AND Urc. 0-ruoci nrrj rhictdi' IVi flc. j." -t'entet l-oli. I, linn. VHUNT C. H. J. hall r.eit Saturday orij-ninc. Tli" niTaii' ia opeti lo of lhc lodBe.nii.l ihelr frlfnds. The coiunutier i.i ir.akir.g Ihe ar miiiic and jin evening o( cay poijneil out mtwiy in vrhicli the clul) may of st greater service not only to rcsidenls of the Aouth sirlc In the 'entire city and coininunlty.' liach at the new officers spoke anil outlined his ricrjonst prung (or- thC'year. that shown declare; that lhc club w one of tho most active years' in. Its history-. 1 See.thel924 M tjlia.er floieil-ear. Tail Wagner Co. Itl'. WKST FoT Hi. ItVl. l "I'lH-sw lj TO TO KKNT, HY J1AY 1ST" 1-y IbTc ]-arir. a JShli l.oi.K' In tn.-.ilb.u. otrner In vrfllljia-lfi reserve tix-sis ss 1-irl i'jjcirni of lEfffteaicJi (in rt niwn. 1'bflBtf Here Mrs May I.'. Paulus of Waterloo, la v 3-i'.ins friondi in this city over -porcb. llTlns w1tli lire up-1c. tele Ulctrn and To Here a house wHk antoufjtlr bcalf aid Mbn- fealurec wLlch t tukr a "fvl MRirrtrta Vk. VBll IIOOM IIOL'.SU COOU KA1CN an-I Ore lots with fruit. ninl Ora-rry I'Socc o ppipeny. eo'airact: fl.TW l-hane H. Radio Mmi. rrtcrd A. i ATCF REAL APRIL k._ ladtneo. torn'j-r oUuiaci P. X mile: -n-rr On Display at Our Show Mr. Rculer Hdp (0 d-jirn thf Msh cosl lirhc by puti-KatiPC tkta wo-cm r.-ttn kBUSrr T-.I -crar capKrio. M. Tallnari Co., Realtors ]2 Swurjly I'trlp. "WeEuyCoatracis If ywi iJH-c'Bofi] yory rrrrcrly at hare UK for Ike fzto i a? for fnr caiiiract lo r B clton 6; Corap j ny BEST FEATURES VI7. NT.1T Costert. Aomna j WO K." If IrrLaa r Voo AK- f MT. IXM'1 S Prviraa br M w irrrV i riTTWVlM ITT, P. Tie Girt. r. rt. "n cl Aciioi." Tf liia Uothui Rkt, arUsor. OMAHA JO P. RiafitiK a r. CuRMrt by llih V. t. lafaatn FiTjt Wcbcf viib TCKJJ br XjiUe aM by I'erKToa. v tx. I 7 P. bs- Ewr 7 "f 5 P- Coaotri 67- CUalen Bros. SII5. lltli W. 1 Ih. fMldy fauna Rnlbs doc 4lk-IMIiiia JUvMs. Sic IHilun cl lie r-mn Sct-d, Ih mxl Ilwcr Bros. 41-4345 Sixteenth Are., Phone 3100 ul- t'r 'q.irlrf. Etiacillacii tilt Ifol, W. jy P. Jl NoveTiy OrehMtr ,-t wi7. sr rirLP, G T. Xfjmef wfa Trio. lil'Y KKAI. ESTAT CONTRACT A WHY IV ATT UK' TITI: TUiSpimrv' YOU SOU" oy JKi.XTMI.Y TAY.MUXT is xmv. ucv IT r. StaictbEUT. 3 T "De Elcd I'. M. AD SERVICE 'lS AVAH f' ABLE. .BY CALLING '701-TH WANI ,AD HA I'll >k IDVVA.. VAlttf U'ASTBU-T AM IV Till'. SIA Lei for a hnaw. an t wWrc_lf ciiltnl. WrLlarr. tenor. br G.TW, Alricc Jtipetcttt, r- F. P. ol [Tosrin. 5 P. X, Asarrirwi Soch M. Cma-fi bi a iiCu! hr Birold fsrtirtl, X.-- Code riactSrr. i Ln ol E South Side "THE VALUE ftm P. Xi "rabfte Social r. 31. Frao'- oo F. V. Lovu HMD. bw-iierae. 1-30 P. Vs-nicr Orj-iB OF CEDAR RAPIDS" ITiete are hundreds of people who live comfortably and save money on comparatively small incomes. They know how and where to buy. Many save fully 1 57" by trading on tha South j Special Bargain J..J. flr ir-0 J. KV rons" wjr H'ril MifrhUadii 0 flat slcklly nui ern. k-al at.il waltr _f rnis M.riltlPn, wmt. u-! r. P. X. ITarty Rob 4 T. TlTk on ICIh Aw.. AV. Bjnk Kn.1 15IH Hr dse Tnnv aclrt C St.. V. ,C SOS s'ore UI.CH I.OTHIXfl CO. 'issi'sSrani'strir Ave- w- A'V" 1VK. HAIIACK IlUtn S1OI1E KltASK i. SMID Drucs. Tin Shop 27 Ifitli 11SS S. 3rd Kl- E. :IS Hth Ave.. liTtCTt-T foOxTTA all went I Turcb; TTS rlran Ire] ffiSJ ll AfAHTMK rtri-tlT mvkrn. IliniM- P. KII. i-o-j .ixr.Ki.ra IM. S OiritUita Tool iocr Utf PK'.AC Crwt Stacdui 7VM kMr Uicr CtceiJ. OAlIAflKToi: 11KXT ratr. If si 113 -Sa 'LM I'arew P. Ucclt TC.p-K rt.xj, i v v' ffJMj-iy rr M. Ron- 4 __ 6 P.' Jl'biw-i'i kV.li- 'lion." C. IVnffcV.- M, C Aw., war ;
A Wjax-tv Licenses Lot To Wants Cost Florida Governor Less
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Driver's license fees would be cut and a series of sales-tax holidays would be offered as part of nearly $180 million package proposed Monday by Gov. Rick Scott as part of his final budget...Governor wants Florida driver's licenses to cost a lot less | WJAX-TV